Statement of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of NKR


Azat Artsakh – Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)
02 July 2004

On August 8, 2004 the elections to the municipalities of NKR will take
place. The NKR government considers the democratic procedure of
elections to governmental bodies of all the levels as one of the
important steps on the way to a free civil society. We start from the
consciousness that only the legitimate power is granted the necessary
authorities and they are responsible for the fate of the people living
in the territory entrusted with them. In the statement of the Ministry
of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan it is said that the elections cannot
be considered legitimate as they contradict to the principles of the
international law and the legislation of Azerbaijan, are held without
the participation of the Azerbaijani population of Nagorni
Karabakh. According to the NKR MFA press service the position of the
Azerbaijani party is cut from the actual situation. The Republic of
Nagorni Karabakh which has been independent of Azerbaijan for 16 years
now has no relation to its legislation therefore this appeal is
senseless. The fact that, on the one hand, official Baku considers
Nagorni Karabakh an uncontrollable territory and, on the one hand,
criticizes the fact of formation of legitimate bodies of power and
government. All the claims that the Azerbaijani population of NKR does
not take part in the elections do not stand trial. If follow their
logic, it would be necessary to consider invalid all the elections
held in Azerbaijan from where half-million Armenian population was
repressed in the result of ethnic clearings. The press service of the
NKR MFA thinks that the upcoming elections to the municipalities, as
well as former elections held to the governmental bodies of all levels
correspond to the international standards and provide for the right of
free elections. It is doubtless that development and maintenance of
democratic processes in Nagorni Karabakh, as well as all the other
countries of the region will enable to provide conditions for
establishment of long-lasting peace and stability in the South