NK FM sweeps aside Azerbaijan’s assertions

June 30 2004


STEPANAKERT, JUNE 30, ARMENPRESS: Nagorno Karabagh foreign affairs
ministry swept aside today Azerbaijani authorities’ allegations that
the August 8 elections to local self-management bodies are illegal as
they run counter to international laws and Azerbaijan’s legislation
and without the participation of the Azeri population of Nagorno
A statement issued by Karabagh foreign ministry today said the
slated elections is another step towards building a civic society.
“We proceed from the fact that only legally elected representatives
of authority are empowered with necessary power and bear
responsibility for the fate of people of Nagorno Karabagh,” the
statement says.
The statement described Azerbaijan’s assertions “as cut off from
current realities.” “Nagorno Karabagh has been living independently
for 16 years already and has noting to do with Azerbaijan’s laws and
therefore citing them is absolutely groundless,” the statement said.
The statement scoffs also at Azerbaijan’s foreign ministry’s
assertions that the elections cannot be regarded valid as the
Azerbaijani population of Karabagh cannot participate in them. “If we
follow this kind of logic then all national elections in Azerbaijan
are invalid, as almost half a million of ethnic Armenians had to flee
it as a result of ethnic cleansing,” the statement says.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress