BAKU: Musavat Leader Meets U.S. Ambassador

Baku Today, Azerbaijan
June 29 2004

Musavat Leader Meets U.S. Ambassador

Isa Gambar, leader of Azerbaijan’s main opposition Musavat (Equality)
party, has met with the U.S. ambassador in Baku, Rino Harnish,
opposition daily Yeni Musavat reported on Monday.

During the meeting Gambar and Harnish discussed issues relating to
Azerbaijan’s current political situation, the state of democracy,
human rights and political prisoners in the country as well as
Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, Azerbaijan-NATO relationship, among
others. No further detail of the meeting was given in the report.

Sulhaddin Akbar, one of the deputy Musavat chairmen arrested
following last October’s riots in Baku who was later released, also
attended the meeting, according to Yeni Musavat.