Armenians in Istanbul

A1 Plus | 14:08:04 | 29-06-2004 | Official |


On June 28 morning Turkey’s Industry and Trade Minister Ali Joshqan met the
Armenian delegation, which arrived in Istanbul to partake in NATO Summit.
Armenian delegation head, FM Vardan Oskanyan met Turkey’s Vice Prime
Minister and Foreign Minister Abdullah Gule in Istanbul’ Congress and
Exhibition Center where NATO Summit passes.

Issues regarding bilateral relations, situation in the region and the
present process of Karabakhi conflict settlement were on the agenda.

Stressing importance of such meeting both parts agreed upon continuing the
direct dialogue.

On June 28 evening Armenian, Turkish and Azerbaijani Foreign Affairs
Ministers met. They discussed the situation in Southern Caucasus, exchanged
thoughts on developments in the region, like expansion of European Union,
enrollment of Caucasus states in EU “New Neighborhood” and the new
approaches of NATO to Caucasus.

Ministers also referred to Karabakhi conflict settlement, especially in the
light of the meeting between Armenian and Azerbaijani FMs on June 21 in