AM: Oman Mobile unveils new plans to serve you wherever you are

Times of Oman, Oman
June 29 2004

Oman Mobile unveils new plans to serve you wherever you are

By Sharifa Al Kindi

MUSCAT – Oman Mobile yesterday unveiled further plans to fulfil its
pledge to `serve the customers wherever they are’.

`We hope to serve our customers wherever they are, through
innovative, simple and tailor-made solutions and services,
value-added features and to introduce a positive impact on the
national economy in general,’ said Dr Amer bin Awadh Al Rawas,
managing director of Oman Mobile Telecommunications Company, at a
press conference held at Hotel Grand Hyatt yesterday.

These plans include the opening of a large multimedia contact centre,
GPRS and MMS services and other services such as
transmitting/receiving photos, music, video and roaming facilities
for Hayyak (prepared card).

The press conference was also addressed by Dr Rasheed Alsafi Al
Huraibi, assistant head of Networks Division; Erik Van Essen, deputy
managing director; and Adil Al Raisi, head of customer service, who
explained to the gathering the details of the new company, its aims,
concepts and strategies.

The multimedia contact centre will `attend to the calls, SMS,
e-mails, fax enquiries, complaints, etc. A customer can even send us
an SMS for his/her bills, and it will be well attended to. This
multimedia call centre will be well staffed, with over 150 personnel
to attend to calls promptly. We will also be introducing multi-access
billing and collection system for our customers to increase their
convenience to pay the bills,’ said Adil Al Raisi.

Oman Mobile believes that growth of the telecommunications sector is
possible through `balanced and meticulously planned concepts and
strategies,’ stressed Al Rawas.

`Our aim is to provide a wide spectrum of telecom services round the
clock. Our first priority is to concentrate on both customers and
services that we provide; introduction of more value-added services,
expansion of company’s services and products portfolio, and
activation of the partnership with both public and private sectors.
We believe and aim to provide telecom services as an acquired right
for every citizen at an affordable price for all community sectors.
Oman Mobile will implement significant projects and will facilitate
more services in the months to come, in addition to increasing the
number of the trained Omani in the telecom field,’ Al Rawas stressed.

As part of the official launch they have waived off deposits for
post-paid users and cut down prices on the pre-paid Hayyak tariffs
and rates. This has been possible because `we now have grown in
technology; we have better internal systems and standards. Earlier
the deposits were levied because of the fear of bad debts, but now
with this waiver on deposits of post-paid users, we are bound to grow
in both sectors tremendously,’ he added.

The GSM subscriber population in the Sultanate recorded 220,745 in
2003, jumped to 232,663 in May 2004, whereas pre-paid Hayyak
subscriber population, which was 359,359 last year, increased to
409,000 last May.

`And we are sure it is going to be mutually beneficial, for both the
customers as well as for the telecoms sector in general,’ Al Rawas

Speaking of value-added services being introduced, Al Rawas said
further to the recently introduced `Hala’ service enabling the
subscribers to receive various subject/channel selected information,
Oman Mobile has also put forward the GPRS and MMS services as a pilot
project prior to putting them into practical service in the near

As far as the international roaming service, the number of the
international mobile service operators which have active roaming
agreements with Oman Mobile have reached 115 operators in 65
countries in various continents. New agreements were signed recently
to provide the roaming service in Russia, Iran, Bulgaria, New Zealand
and Armenia.

Highlighting the importance of the roaming services, Al Rawas said:
`There were lots of complexities in acquiring the roaming facility
with a new country. Especially if Oman did not have any business or
tourist tie-ups with those nations. In the past we have faced great
difficulties in getting the roaming facilities in various countries.
Now it has been made easier. New mechanisms, new professionalism, new
ideas, new strategies have enabled Oman Mobile to achieve roaming
over many countries. We keep an eye on the economic development and
tie-ups our country has internationally and then tap the source.
These agreements are good for the economy of our nation too. Today we
have strong international links and we were able to bring in
countries who were previously hesitant to enter into an agreement.

The brand identity and logo for Oman Mobile was unveiled at a
ceremony on Monday, under the auspices of Maqbool bin Ali Sultan,
minister of commerce and industry.

The brand identity is both unified and modern with technology
undertones. The first inspiration was the Cellular Telephony’s Basic
Structure, which works on the principle of hexagonal cells. The two
colours connote both technology and nature. Colour orange, in which
the letters are written, is the colour of the shade of sunrise –
symbolising the dawn of new technology – as well as the deserts and
mountains of the Sultanate.

It also depicts the colour of honey, seen as pure and full of
goodness. The `fluorescent green’ circles signify the essence of
life, of fertility and growth – aims of the organisation itself.

The hexagon encloses two letters in each of the words of the
typography – both English and Arabic – to depict cellular
communication. This high degree of bilingual compatibility shows up
as the orange hexagon in Arabic, forming the first alphabet `Meem’ of
the word written as mobile, while in English, the green inner circle
forms the second letter `o’ of the word mobile.

To further drive home the technology feel, a new techno-looking
typeface has been used. After the presentation of the logo and the
brand identity, there was a live acrobatic event presented by the
youngsters of the New-Age circus – reinforcing the four pillars that
will reflect Oman Mobile’s values – flexibility, connectivity,
coverage and customer care.