Poll shows Armenians want unification with Karabakh

Poll shows Armenians want unification with Karabakh

Yerkir web site, Yerevan
26 Jun 04

A poll conducted by the Armenian Centre for National and International
Studies (ACNIS) has revealed that Armenians are ready to participate
in the defence of Karabakh if the war resumes.

Stepan Safaryan of the centre told a discussion on Friday [25 June]
that the poll, conducted among 1,950 individuals, indicates that 73
per cent of the respondents are in favour of the settlement of the
confrontation by Armenia, Karabakh and Azerbaijan. Most of the
respondents consider the Karabakh issue to be part of the Armenian

Answering “why Karabakh does not belong to Azerbaijan”, 38 per cent
said that Karabakh was annexed to Azerbaijan under the Soviets, 27.6
per cent said Armenians have been living in that region for centuries,
and 12 per cent pointed out that Armenia has won the war over

As for the status of Karabakh, 59.7 per cent see Karabakh as part of
Armenia, whereas 38.6 per cent sees it as an independent state.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress