Computers For Schools


Azat Artsakh, Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)
June 25 2003

The French charity organization “Shen” implements a number of programs
both in Armenia and Artsakh. The main program in Artsakh is providing
village schools with computers. In the framework of this program about
50 computers were provided to village schools of the republic. The
program provides for 400 computers. Each school will have at least 2
computers. The program has been implemented in Askeran and Shoushi
regions. The representative of the Artsakh branch of the organization
Karen Aramian said that the 12 computers received recently will be
distributed to the schools in Martouni regions. About 200 computers
are accumulated in Switzerland to be delivered to Artsakh. The members
of the organizations permanently control the use of the
computers. Despite the shortage of financial means visits to village
schools are often organized and the members of the staff of the
organization aid specialists, solve problems connected with
repairs. Similar visits were organized to Nakhijevanik, Khramort,
Khachen, Khachmach and other villages. The next will be the region of
Shoushi. “We want to prepare our specialist in every school. In this
way it will be possible to use computers to the point and give
necessary knowledge to the children of the regions. In the second
stage of the program, of course, if we have enough means, the Internet
will also be provided. Children living and studying in the villages
must not be cut from the world,” said Karen Aramian. AGRICULTURAL
PROGRAMS. “Shen” also implements agricultural programs. Especially
wide-scale programs have been launched in Armenia. Within the
framework of the program in Artsakh, village Khanabad the program
“Ecologically Pure Gardens” is implemented. These days the members of
the branch of the organization will visit Khanabad to see the work
done. In this reference Karen Aramian mentioned that they want to
follow the agricultural programs implemented in Armenia. Near the
village Argina in Armenia the organization planted 20 hectares of
apricot garden in spring of 2002. Every year the territory of the
garden is expanded through cleaning the desert from stones and
irrigating. The garden will later become a good source of income for
the population of Argina. A sun dryer was also built in the village
where the harvest of the garden will be treated. The dryer complex and
the garden will supply the population of the village. K. Aramina said
that for the implementation of the agricultural program they need
specialists of ecology. Soon the Artsakh branch of the organization
will have its Internet site.