BAKU: Azerbaijan still hopes for peaceful NK settlement – Aliyev

Azerbaijan still hopes for peaceful Karabakh settlement – president

Lider TV, Baku
25 Jun 04

[Presenter] Azerbaijan has not violated any country’s territorial
integrity, on the contrary, it is a victim of aggression. This is why,
we have the full right to liberate our occupied territories, the
commander-in-chief and President Ilham Aliyev said at the Heydar
Aliyev Higher Military School today.

[Ilham Aliyev] The Azerbaijani people will never tolerate this
occupation. We will never allow our land to remain under
occupation. Our cause is just. Azerbaijan has not occupied anyone
else’s land. It has not violated anyone else’s territorial
integrity. On the contrary, we are the victims of this occupation and
the Azerbaijani people have been suffering from it. Therefore,
international law is on our side. Of course, we should try [changing
tack] – the whole international community and all those who directly
deal with this issue should take international law into
account. Azerbaijan has the full right to liberate its
land. International legal norms have created such conditions for us.

We want to resolve this [conflict] peacefully. But you know that the
peace talks which have been going on for over 10 years have yielded no
results and there is no outcome.

The Azerbaijani people will never tolerate this situation. We demand
that this issue be resolved soon and in a fair way within the
framework of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity. We still hope that we
will be able to resolve it peacefully. But at the same time, we should
be ready to take steps to liberate our land at any time.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress