Armenia works out complimentary foreign policy – Kocharyan

ITAR-TASS News Agency
June 23, 2004 Wednesday 11:55 AM Eastern Time

Armenia works out complimentary foreign policy – Kocharyan

By Andrei Yarushin


Armenia is working out a complimentary foreign policy, Armenian
President Robert Kocharyan said.

Speaking at the summer PACE session on Wednesday, Kocharyan said the
main goal of Armenia’s policy is that the country “is trying to
benefit from settling disagreements between world and regional great
powers and not from their reinforcement.”

“We should bear responsibility for regional stability and join
efforts to settle disagreements and not aggravate them,” the Armenian
president added.

“It is such approach that has allowed us to build trusty relations
with the United States, the European Union and Iran, as well as
strengthen traditional close ties with Russia. We believe in peace
and cooperation in the South Caucasus,” he stressed.

Kocharyan said Armenia “is ready to develop business cooperation with
Turkey without any preconditions. But Armenian-Turkish relations
should not be conditioned by our contacts with the third country –
with Azerbaijan, for example.”