PM wishes successful voyage to Cilicia ship


June 21 2004

YEREVAN, JUNE 21, ARMENPRESS: Prime minister Andranik Margarian
received today the crew of a ship replicated from a medieval ship of
Armenian merchants from Cilicia who are going to take it to Georgian
port of Poti, some 650 kilometers from the Lake Sevan where it was
first tested two years ago, to start the voyage through the Black
Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, onto the Atlantic Ocean toward Amsterdam.
The ship took 11 years to build.

Appreciating highly the efforts of the crew , prime minister
Margarian stressed that the ship will be sailing under the flag of
the independent Armenia. At the end of the meeting Margarian wished
a successful voyage to the crew.

The idea of constructing this ship was conceived by members of the
Ayas Nautical Research Club. It is an exact replication of a 13-th
century merchant ship, and was built in accordance with medieval
shipbuilding technologies. The crew will wear 13-th century clothes
and even the ship’s menu will be medieval.

Cilicia ‘s voyage will be navigated by compass, chronometer, astrolabe
and the sailors will orientate themselves by stars, but it is however
equipped by some modern devices. The first leg of the journey is
supposed to end by the end of September. The ship will spend winter
in Venice and sailors will return to Armenia. In May, 2005 they will
continue their voyage to Amsterdam. The crew is composed of a musician,
engineer, doctor, signaler, film director, cameraman. Age of the crew
also varies from 20 to 60.