The Halo Trust Warns


Azat Artsakh – Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)
18 June 2004

During the first week of June two mine accidents happened in the
territory of Nagorni Karabakh and four people suffered. The first was
on June 3 near the village Meghvadzor, Kashatagh region. Two young
men suffered, Armen Hakobian born in 1964 and Andranik Mossiyan born
in 1982, both from the village Tumi, Hadrout region. Gathering herbs
A. Hakobian stepped on an antipersonnel mine. Wanting to help his
friend A. Mossiyan reached him and also stepped on a PMN-2 mine. One of
them lost his right foot, and the other’s left leg was amputated above
the knee. The second accident happened near the village Myurishen,
Martouni region. Five villagers went for timber in a tractor. On
the way back the antitank mine exploded under the back wheel of
the carrier. Ararat Aroushanian born in 1964 was taken to hospital
with a leg fraction and Davit Avagian born in 1991 received light
injuries. Only in 6 months in 2004 24 people suffered from mines and
unexploded ordnance, of them eight people died. These statistical
data exceed the number of the entire year of 2003 when 21 people
suffered, of them 9 died. Recently often adults become victims of
mines connected with active agricultural works, as well as using
of the territories still not used after the war (hunting, abandoned
vineyards, collecting metals).

AA. 18-06-2004