EURASEC a strong incentive to restore broken ties, Kocharian says


June 18 2004

ASTANA, JUNE 18, ARMENPRESS; Speaking at the session of the Inter-State
Council of the Eurasian Economic Community (EURASEC) that opened
in Kazakhstan capital Astana today here, Armenian president Robert
Kocharian said EURASEC is a strong incentive to restore the broken ties
and build a cooperation of quite a new quality. He said the outcome of
this cooperation will be higher economic growth rates of its member
countries and higher living standards of their population. Kocharian
was speaking, as an observer, an international conference here,
titled Eurasian Integration-New Development Trends and Globalization

According to Armenian president, apart from playing a significant
role in political and economic stability of this region, EURASEC
is a weighty component of the regional security. “Having in mind
the diversity of this region, effective models of inter-ethnic and
inter-faith dialogue may be developed here,” he said, adding that no
country can conduct an effective economic policy in isolation.

In a reference to the ongoing political and economic reforms in
Armenia Kocharian said the great majority of problems, typical of
all transitional countries, were surmounted. “Armenia’s economy is
shifting toward dynamic and sustainable development and our focus is
on entrepreneurial initiatives, market mechanisms and competition,”
he said, citing the latest years’ steady economic growth rates of
12 percent.

Kocharian also noted that the conflicts in the South Caucasus remain
major obstacles to development of its countries. “As advocates of
regional cooperation we believe that deeper economic integration
processes will help regulate these conflicts and build stability and
peace,” he said. President Kocharian has arrived in Astana to attend
a summit of heads of states of Collective Security Treaty Organization

The EURASEC session’s agenda has about 20 items. These include the
coordination of positions at the negotiations for accession to the
World Trade Organization, the implementation of the basic orientations
of the earlier approved fundamentals of the EURASEC cross-border
(cooperation) policy, a draft agreement on cooperation on the markets
of securities, and EURASEC interaction in the development of water
and energy resources in the catchments areas of the Amu-Darya and
Syr-Darya rivers.