ANKARA: OIC Urges Middle East Quartet To Implement Peace Roadmap

OIC Urges Middle East Quartet To Implement Peace Roadmap


ISTANBUL (CIHAN) – The Organization of Islamic Conferences called
on the Middle East quartet to pressure the Israeli government to end
violence against the Palestinians.

The joint declaration of the 31st Foreign Ministers Summit of the
OIC said that world`s second largest organization will aid the
Palestinian people and help them to attain their free rights and to
help Palestinians form an independent state.

The Middle East quartet consists of the UN, the USA, Russia, and the
EU. The OIC calls for the group to stop Israel from implementing
violence, enforce the roadmap for Middle East peace and give
international aid to the Palestinian people.

In relation to Iraq, the OIC reaffirmed its support for the newly
founded Iraqi government by voicing support for steps aimed at ending
the occupation of Iraq and transferring sovereignty to the Iraqi
people. The joint communiqué said that the programs and activities
of the transitional Iraqi government should be clear and basic.

The OIC also welcomed the 1546th numbered resolution of the UN
Security Council.

The joint declaration of the OIC Foreign Minister Summit said that
it will continue to monitor progress between Armenia and Azerbaijan.
“The conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan should be resolved on
basis of protecting the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.”

The declaration also condemned terrorist activities across world.