The European Union Commission Reaffirms Armenia’s Inclusion in the N

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The European Union Commission Reaffirms Armenia’s Inclusion in the New
Neighborhood Initiative

On June 14, the European Union General Affairs and External Relations
Council reaffirmed the Commission’s proposal to include Armenia, Georgia and
Azerbaijan in its New Neighborhood Initiative. This decision means that the
three countries will each develop individual plans for deeper cooperation
with and possible integration into Europe. At the same time, each country’s
advancement will be judged individually, based on its own merits and

The Council noted that the region is stable and that Europe is interested in
bolstering democracy and prosperity in the region. It also took into
consideration the suggestions of the European Parliament and the EU’s
Special Representative on the South Caucasus to include the three countries
in the New Neighborhood Initiative. The Council noted that this marks an
important step in the EU’s involvement in the region.

The Council also invited the Commision and the representative of the General
Secretary/High Representative to present individual country reports on
matters relating to political cooperation, as well as foreign and security
policy, and taking into consideration individual political and economic

The decision must be finalized at the EU Council meeting on June 17-18.
Armenia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Vartan Oskanian, welcomed the
Council’s determination and said Armenia awaits the final decision later
this week, and looks forward to an even deeper relationship with the EU,
that brings with it the prospect, if not the promise, of full European