Peace agreement for better future of NK


Azat Artsakh – Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)
June 6 2004

The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly reporter on Karabakh settlement
Goran Lenmarker will present a report in Edinburg on July 5, which
will include suggestions in reference to the ways of parliamentary
influence of the OSCE Minsk Group on the question of the Karabakh
settlement. Goran Lenmarker stated this in Stepanakert where he
had meetings with the NKR president, parliament leadership, public
organizations and representatives of refugees. During the meeting the
speaker of the Nagorni Karabakh parliament Oleg Yessayan mentioned
that he is satisfied with the fact that along with the OSCE Minsk
Group other European organizations start to occupy with the Karabakh
problem. He emphasized that the parliament of Nagorni Karabakh is
ready to assist comprehensively to the fair and peaceful settlement
of the problem. He emphasized that in Nagorni Karabakh they are
conscious that it is possible to achieve international recognition
only through building democratic statehood in our country. Goran
Lenmarker stated that he does not have much experience in the Karabakh
problem and at the same time he mentioned that he has great experience
in the question of other conflicts, especially the Balkan conflict
regulation. Lenmarker considers the main principles of work the rapid
settlement of the problem, maintenance of the cease-fire and the
admissibility of the decision for all the conflict parties. Lenmarker
mentioned that he does not intend taking the place of the Minsk
Group but he thinks that the parliament may have an important role
in the settlement of the problem. During the meeting the members of
parliament made their observations concerning the settlement. The head
of the NA faction “Dashnaktsutyun” (Armenian Revolutionary Federation)
Vahram Balayan emphasized that not recognizing the independence of
Nagorni Karabakh by the international community is a rough violation
of the rights of the Karabakh people who intend continuing to defend
their statehood. Member of the National Assembly of Nagorni Karabakh
Edward Aghabekian stressed that if “Europe intends settling the
Karabakh conflict in the way it did in the Balkans, then we prefer
the frozen state of the conflict without victims.” In this reference
Goran Lenmarker noticed that Europe has a self-critical attitude
to its policy in the Balkans and considers the reason of failure
hastiness of actions. Edward Aghabekian called the European officials
not to connect the settlement of the conflict to the pipeline or any
means of communication because this conflict was caused by the vital
necessity of self-preservation. In this reference member of the faction
“Democratic Liberal Union” M. Danielian pointed out the necessity
of the fair settlement of the problem emphasizing that the failure
of the Balkan settlement was the unfairness of its principles. Goran
Lenmarker stated that the unfairly settled conflicts take as a rule
a regressive course. During the meeting it was mentioned that the
European Union has completed the process of expanding in the north
and is now facing south, particularly the South Caucasus. In their
turn the members of the National Assembly mentioned that Karabakh has
always been part of the European civilization and sees its development
in northern direction. During the meeting with Karabakh journalists
Goran Lenmarker said that the aim of his visit to Karabakh was to see
the country, meet with the members of parliament, representatives of
the society and to get acquainted with the position of the people of
Karabakh in reference to the Karabakh regulation. Goran Lenmarker
stated that his role is to render parliamentary assistance to the
process of negotiations. According to him, judging by the European
experience, the parliament has huge potential for peaceful settlement
of conflicts. He mentioned that negotiations are governmentâ^À^Ùs
business, and the parliamentarians are to assist to the results of
those negotiations and inform the society. He stated that a peace
agreement must provide good future for the people of Karabakh. By
the way, he emphasized the importance of rapid settlement because as
a result the societies of Karabakh, Armenia and Azerbaijan suffer.