BAKU: Motives For Murdering Of “Black Colonel” Not Clear Yet,Head Pr

Baku Today
June 16 2004

Motives For Murdering Of “Black Colonel” Not Clear Yet, Head
Prosecutor Says

Baku Today 16/06/2004 11:19

Motives of the murdering of the vice-president of Azerbaijan Football
Federations’ Association have not been established yet, Zahid Qaralov,
head of the General Prosecutor’s office, told reporters on Tuesday.

“It may be related to his personal affairs or career. But we don’t
know for sure yet,” said Qaralov while attending the funeral of Fatulla
Huseynov, who was shot to death early Monday in front of the building
he lived.

Huseynov, also deputy head of the opposition Justice party, was found
fatally wounded in his car around 7 a.m., the neighbors said. He had
got five bullets by a Russian-made Makarov pistol in his head and
chest, police said.

The murdered had been working for law enforcement bodies for long
years. He also had gained an appellation, “Black Colonel,” during
the 1991-94 war with Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh.