Film Museum to Detail Armenian Presence in Iranian Cinema

Film Museum to Detail Armenian Presence in Iranian Cinema
Tehran Times Culture Desk

Tehran Times
June 13 2004

TEHRAN June 12 (MNA) -– The second seasonal exhibition at the Film
Museum of Iran for the first time will detail the Armenian presence
in Iranian cinema.

Documents, posters, pictures, rare and historical cinematographic
tools that have never been previously screened or published will be
displayed. The News Bureau of Mass Media Relations at the Film Museum
in a statement released announced that the exhibition will be entitled
“One Week of Armenians’ Cinema.”

During the week, works by Avanes Oganians, Arbi Avanessian, Vartan
Antanessian, Jani Baghdassarian, Artem Ohanjanian, Arpik Baghdassarian,
Khachik, Samuel Khachikian, and Varuzh Karim Masihi along with others
will be displayed.

Coinciding with the 400th year anniversary of the migration of
Armenians to Iran another of the week’s programs will feature
screenings and clips from films highlighting Armenian actors.

The bureau in its statement said all the Armenian organizations
including, the Armenian Prelacy, the Armenian daily Alik, Iran’s Film
House, and Farabi Cinematic Foundation and other organizations will
actively participate in the exhibition.

The Film Museum of Iran will also be publishing a book being dubbed
“The Presence of Armenians in Iran’s Cinema” detailing the presence
and the impact of Armenians in the history of Iranian cinema.