Tbilisi: MP questions identities and confession of Georgian high ran

MP questions identities and confession of Georgian high ranks

Batumi News
June 11 2004

The interest of the majoritarian deputy from Zugdidi, Gocha Pipia,
in the ethnic and religious identities of the future ministers and
their parents, called forth anxieties among the deputies. Several
MPs left the session in protest.

Kakha Bendukidze, Minister of Economics, commented on Pipia as a
“mad” and “a man of evil conscious”, – before leaving the session.

“A madman rushed out and demanded the ministers to submit their parents
identities. I see myself it absolutely unacceptable, and he would be
jailed in any honoring itself state”, – Bendukidze said. “If anyone is
interested how I feel with the fact that my mother is Armenian, I have
always been and will always be proud with that”, – Zurab Zhvania said.

Pipia himself, believes, that presence of those deputies, who hide
their identity, is dangerous at the state levers. “Those individuals,
who are disguising their genuine identities, have complexes”, – Pipia
said. He recalled the internet sources, criticizing John Kerry for
disguising that he is Jew, claiming himself as an Anglo Sax. “When
everything is being sold out in Georgia, I have a right to ask,
are these people, selling out national property, Georgians?” –
Pipia argues.

“Religious education of our future generation should be based on
the Christian Orthodox belief, attacking the Orthodox Church on the
name of democracy is unacceptable”, – Pipia said, questioning the
confession of Kakha Lomaya, Georgian Minister of Education.