BAKU: We are well aware of what occurs in Southern Caucasus,says Gen

Azer Tag, Azerbaijan State Info Agency
June 11 2004

[June 11, 2004, 11:42:29]

These words have been told by the deputy chief of Headquarters of the
US European Command general Charles Wald at the meeting with Minister
of Defiance of Azerbaijan, colonel-general Safar Abiyev.

As was stated from the press-service of the ministry, Mr. Safar
Abiyev, having noted, that similar meetings have strategic character
and that the USA pays great attention to Azerbaijan, reminded that the
situation in region of the South Caucasus continues to remain intense,
and a part of lands of Azerbaijan to this day is under occupation of
Armenia. He added: ¡°It is impossible to freeze the Armenia-Azerbaijan
conflict. It is high time to call a spade a spade and it is necessary
to recognize Armenia as a state ¨C aggressor¡±.

General Charles Wald has thanked for reception, saying that shares his
views on the stated idea, and has emphasized, that present position
in region of the South Caucasus is under the control of the largest
international organizations of the world. We are well aware of what
occurs in the region¡±, he said.

Minister Safar Abiyev has told that Azerbaijan seriously prepares
for ¡°Cooperative Best Effort-04 ¡± exercises, which will take place
in September of this year within the framework of the NATO ¡°PfP¡±

Having noted, that carrying out in Azerbaijan similar exercises is
very significant event which even brings Azerbaijan with the NATO
closer, the American general has told: ¡°The US European Command of
Armed Forces thinks much of cooperation with Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan
is a state having great authority in the region. Relations between
the USA and Azerbaijan are improving and our relations are long-term.
The US and Azerbaijan have common strategic interests.

Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan has noted, that cooperation of
Azerbaijan and the USA every day becomes closer, he has also reminded
on importance of cancellation of the 907 Section to the ¡°Freedom
Support Act¡±.

In the meeting on which the wide exchange of opinions on questions of
the international and regional safety was held, also presenting was
the Charge d’Affaires of the US embassy in Baku Nancy §®celdowney,
and the military attach¨¦ lieutenant colonel Brendan Mcalon.