Hilmar Kaiser lecture in The Netherlands


Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies
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The Netherlands

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The Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies cordially invites you to
“The Ottoman Government and the end of the Ottoman Social Formation,

a guest lecture by
Dr. Hilmar Kaiser

Thursday, June 17th 2004
16:00 – 17:30, followed by a reception
PC Hoofthuis, University of Amsterdam
Spuistraat 134, room 104

World War 1 initiated the beginning of the end of the Ottoman
Empire. Before and after this war, the government of the Empire
orchestrated an ethnic deportation policy. Hundred of thousands of
Armenians, Arabs, Turks, Assyrians, Kurds and many more were deported
to far away places, where they were often left in complete isolation,
if they did not surrender to the ruling classes. This has led to the
end of a Christian minority in the region – contemporary Turkey. The
way this deportation policy has been organized and exercised is still
being researched. Documents that have been hidden for years are found
in Ottoman archives and made public by researchers like dr. Hilmar
Kaiser. His lecture will be based on his most recent findings.

The lecture will be held in English. The lecturer will be open to
questions and discussion.

Dr. Hilmar Kaiser (1961) studied at the University of Bochum and
the European University Institute in Florence. He lived in Istanbul
where he intensively researched the Ottoman Archived. He is the
author of various books on this subject, such as At the Crossroads
of Der Zor: Death, Survival and Humanitarian Resistance in Aleppo,
1915-1917 (London: Taderon, 2002); Imperialism, Racism, and Development
Theories: The Construction of a Dominant Paradigm on Ottoman Armenians
(Princeton, NJ: Gomidas Institute, 1997); and “Migration, Deportation,
and Nation Building: The Case of the Ottoman Empire,” in: René Leboutte
(ed.), Migration and Migrants in Historical Perspective: Permanencies
and Innovations (Bruxelles: Peter Lang, 2000), pp.273-292.

The lecture is open to the general public. Please register before
June 15th with Silvia Rottenberg at [email protected] or by phone
at 020-5233808