BAKU: Ceremony of signing held in Strasbourg

Azer Tag, Azerbaijan State Info Agency
June 3 2004

[June 03, 2004, 23:35:42]

As was informed by correspondent of AzerTAj, in the permanent mission
of Azerbaijan at the Council of Europe, on June 3, was held the
ceremony of signing connected to transfer to the deposit of the notice
concerning the statement by the Azerbaijan side in the Headquarters
of this international structure between Secretary General ÑOÅ Walter
Schwimmer and the head of permanent mission of Azerbaijan ambassador
Agshin Mehdiyev “Convention on mutual administrative assistance on
tax questions” dated January 25, 1988.

The said Convention is directed on regulation in the Council of Europe
member-states of local and state taxes. The Azerbaijan side ratified
the document with a proviso. That is the Azerbaijan side has stated
that the clauses of the said document are not applied to it in the
territories occupied by Armenia. The clause has found the reflection
in the notice on ratification. To the documents submitted by the
Azerbaijan side to the COE Secretary General, was attached the map
of occupied territories of our country.

According to the message received by us from the Secretary of the
Council of Europe on legal affairs, the said international document
will come into force for ÑOÅ and Azerbaijan in a month.