PM meets ADB delegation


June 2 2004

YEREVAN, JUNE 2, ARMENPRESS: Armenian prime minister Andranik Margarian
received today a delegation of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), headed
by ADB deputy secretary Amarjit Vasan. The delegation has arrived in
Armenia to have consultations on Armenia’s membership to the bank.

The government press service quoted prime minister Margarian as saying
that Armenia has already obtained huge experience in dealing with such
influential international lending organizations as World Bank, EBRD
and others, underscoring at the same time establishment of efficient
cooperation with ADB. He said Armenia has been working towards that
end since 1997.

Assessing positively the results of consultations in Armenia, Andranik
Margarian noted, pointing out to ADB’s main directions of activity,
aimed at boosting economic growth in developing countries and reducing
poverty, saying Armenia’s membership to ADB will provide the country
with an opportunity to attract additional means for quicker development
of agriculture, education, health and infrastructures.

Margarian also said that the membership will help Armenia to establish
close contacts with the countries of the region leading in IT sphere
that will give a fresh muscle to IT development in Armenia, a sector
that was announced by the government as one of its priorities.

Among other benefits that Armenia may draw from the membership,
according to the prime minister is an impetus to implementing projects
aimed at reducing the poverty volume, especially having in mind the
favorable terms on which the bank allocates credits.

Amarjit Vasan was in turn quoted by the government press office as
saying that he was pleased too with the outcome of the consultations.
He added that the general conclusion of the Bank’s board,
after negotiating with 63 member countries, World Bank and other
international lending organizations is that it is time to pass to
practical actions for Armenia’s accession.

Margarian said Armenia is ready to solve all required organizational
and other technical problems in due time, expressing hope that the
anticipated cooperation will produce good and tangible results.