Geghamian Thinks Armenia Is In Danger Of Disappearing From World Map

Geghamian Thinks Armenia Is In Danger Of Disappearing From World Map
By Tatoul Hakobian

3 June 04

Artashes Geghamian said in yesterday’s press conference that Armenia is
in danger of disappearing from the world map. He stated that the topic
for the June 4 opposition rally will be “How to Save Armenia?” While at
present he will leave for Gegharkunik marz to meet with his electorate.

Simon Amirkhanian and Razmik Ktjoyan, members of National Unity party,
were arrested in this marz recently, as, according to Geghamian,
they informed the people about the envisaged meeting. He reminded
once more that the items, including documents, equipments (computers,
video cassettes, scientific researches) taken away from the office
of the party about a month ago haven’t been returned yet.

The leader of National Unity said that Armenia, particularly, the
borderline villages of the republic are losing their dwellers. He also
complained that TV channels “unfortunately don’t take an interview
from him”. “Unfortunately, Tigran Karapetian (meaning Director of ALM
TV) hasn’t invited me for 7-8 months,” Geghamian said. He reminded
that he will not begin trade with the authorities expecting to get a
post, even the one of Yerevan’s Mayor. “I was the Mayor 15 years ago,
when they (perhaps, meaning Robert Kocharian and Serge Sargisian)
were serving to I don’t know whom,” he said. Geghamian is an extreme
optimist and doesn’t suspect that a power shift is going to take
place in Armenia. He said that this year Igor Ivanov, RF Secretary
of Security Council, will visit Armenia. (Geghamian meant the recent
events in Georgia, when in November on the very day of Ivanov’s visit
to Georgia Shevardnadze resigned. Afterwards, Ivanov visited Batumi
and escorted Aslan Abashidze to Moscow).