BAKU: Azeri ANS TV suspends BBC broadcasts,but ready to continue coo

Azeri ANS TV suspends BBC broadcasts, but ready to continue cooperation

ANS TV, Baku
1 Jun 04

[Presenter in studio] The news bulletins of the BBC Russian service
will no longer be rebroadcast by ANS CM. Both companies have kept
their word.

[Correspondent over video of ANS office] As of today, the BBC
Russian broadcasts through ANS CM radio have been suspended on
Azerbaijani territory. The ANS independent broadcasting and media
company has taken this step in connection with the position of the
BBC’s morning programmes on Azerbaijan. We should remind you that
the ANS CM radio station had repeatedly sent letters of warning to
the BBC that the morning programmes of this service of the BBC and
the programmes by producer Mark Grigoryan are distorting the truth
about the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict. It was said that if Mark
Grigoryan is not taken off the air by 31 May, the transmission of
the Russian service will be suspended on 1 June. So it was suspended.

The BBC also regrets this decision. But at the same time, Hamid
Ismayilov, head of the BBC’s South Caucasus and Central Asia Service,
stressed that ANS is a democratic and independent channel.

Vahid Mustafayev, head of the ANS group of companies, made the
following comment on the decision: ANS had played a great role
in setting up the BBC’s Azerbaijani service. For this reason, we
will continue our cooperation. We suspended the transmission of the
Russian-language programmes because these programmes are run by an
Armenian producer which seriously worried Azerbaijani listeners.

I should note that the BBC leaders have accepted this step with
understanding, end of quote.

Ayaz Mirzayev, ANS.