Armenian rally outside prosecutor’s office demands release of prison

Armenian rally outside prosecutor’s office demands release of prisoners

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1 Jun 04

1 June: Once again representatives of various public organizations
gathered outside the Prosecutor-General’s Office today to demand
“Freedom to political prisoners” and “We demand to punish those who
resorted to force”.

The organizers of the picket managed to collect 8,000 signatures
in support of the political prisoners. “We believe that our protest
actions will somehow help the political prisoners and that they will be
released, but even if this does not happen, it makes no difference,
I am ready to go there again. We do not strive to bring together
as many people as possible, we simply want new faces to join us,”
protester Arutyun Alaverdyan said.

Today 391 signatures were handed over to the Prosecutor-General’s
Office. Members of the Justice political bloc also attended this
peculiar protest action.

Up to now, the protest actions went on for about an hour, however,
beginning from 2 June, protest actions will go on for two hours, from
1000 to 1200 [0500-0700 gmt]. The organizers are calling everyone to
join them.