Armenian nuclear plant to stop for repairs on June 15

Armenian nuclear plant to stop for repairs on June 15

May 31 2004

Yerevan. (Interfax) – Armenian Nuclear Power Plant, which is managed
by ZAO Inter RAO UES is to halt operations on June 15, 2004 for
maintenance and for fuel to be loaded, plant General Director Garik
Markosyan told Interfax.

He said that the work will take 65 days, during which major repairs
will be carried out to the reactor after the fuel is loaded, and to
two turbines in the second power-producing unit.

The general director said that this year the U.S. has already paid out
$4 million to increase safety at the plant. As regards the European
Union, the amount of financial aid will be agreed in Brussels this
summer, he said.

Markosyan said the plant produced 1.1 billion kWh of electricity from
the start of the year until May 30. The plant produced 1.9 billion
kWh of electricity in 2003, which is 36% of total energy production
in the republic.

Armenian Nuclear Power Plant was transferred to ZAO Inter RAO UES
in September last year. Inter RAO UES is an electricity export and
import operator on energy markets in Russia and abroad. The company is
a subsidiary of UES of Russia (60% of shares) and Rosenergoatom (40%).