The quiz

The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, Australia)
May 28, 2004 Friday


1. Which US president once opened a nationally televised address
with: ‘Mah fellow Armenians’?

2. What nationality is the owner of the Paris Ritz?

3. Who played Dr Ellie Sattler in Jurassic Park?

4. Where is the pituitary gland?

5. Which river forms the border between Mexico and Texas?

6. In 1966, which country did The Beatles vow never to return to?

7. Name the hit from Rocky ll.

8. Who was the last England captain to regain the Ashes?

9. What is a narwhal?

10. Why was chocolate so named?


Australians throw out 5.7 million plastic bags every day!


1. Ronald Reagan; 2. Egyptian; 3. Laura Dern; 4. Under the brain; 5.
The Rio Grande; 6. The United States; 7. Eye of the Tiger by
Survivor; 8. David Gower 1985; 9. An Arctic whale; 10. Aztec