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May 28, 2004

If you think the Armenian Apostolic faith says
nothing about current moral issues, think again!

New York, NY – Abortion, reproductive technologies, homosexuality,
gay marriage, suicide, euthanasia – these issues are hotly debated and
highly politicized. Various faith communities and organizations are
grappling with them for all sorts of different agendas. Whether we
like it or not, we are forced to face these issues in our personal,
professional and communal lives. One cannot have an intelligent
conversation nowadays without discussing these issues. Our faith,
steeped in the Holy Scriptures and the rich theological tradition,
gives us ample resources to think critically and intelligently about
these moral and ethical topics.

For this reason, the Armenian Religious Education Council (AREC)
of the Eastern Prelacy has organized a unique program for adults in
the Mid-Atlantic region entitled “Critical Issues of Life and Faith,”
scheduled to take place at St. Mary of Providence Center in Elverson,
Pennsylvania, June 25-27, 2004 (for details, please visit the Prelacy
web site at ). An eminent Armenian Orthodox
ethicist and theologian, Prof. Vigen Guroian, will be the main speaker
for the Saturday portion of the program.

Dr. Vigen Guroian is a Professor of Theology and Ethics at Loyola
College in Baltimore, Maryland. He is the author of six books and
nearly 150 articles, and three books are forthcoming. Professor
Guroian is the first Armenian theologian ever elected to the
American Theological Society and the Orthodox Theological Society
of America. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Society
of Christian Ethics, has been active in both the National Council
of Churches and the World Council of Churches. He has established
himself in the American academic community as a prominent Orthodox
theologian and ethicist. AREC recently commissioned Prof. Guroian to
write pamphlets on moral and ethical issues for the general public.

In addition to the presentations by Prof. Guroian, the Saturday program
will include small group and panel discussions. The panelists will be
Very Rev. Fr. Krikor Chiftjian (Media Relations Officer, Catholicosate
of Cilicia), Dr. Carlo Bayrakdarian (Psychiatrist), and Dr. Meline
Karakashian (Psychologist and Educator). On Friday evening, the program
will begin with a Bible study – ” Jesus Christ claims our total being –
body and soul,” led by Deacon Shant Kazanjian, director of AREC.

The general public and specially parents, educators, Church delegates
and board members should take advantage of this unique edifying
Christian educational program. Those who wish to attend only a portion
of the program may do so. For further information and registration,
please visit the Prelacy web site