State registry launches own internet page


May 27 2004

YEREVAN, MAY 27, ARMENPRESS: Armenian justice ministry and USAID signed
a memorandum of understanding in 2002, envisaging to strengthen state
registry and making it more simple and predictable. As part of the
memorandum, yesterday presentation of state registry internet page
was held.

Armenian justice minister Davit Harutunian said that in a rule of
law country it is necessary that steps taken by state structures be
predictable for citizens. “Today we can state that most of project
responsibilities are met,” the minister said.

Presenting the difficult way that the state registry has passed,
he said that today the system is rather transparent. Most of the
registration procedures are simplified.

Internet project has two main components, one of which is electronic
communication system which creates a single database on more that
130,000 legal entities and entrepreneurs. The data is accessible to
8 territorial and 10 regional departments.

Later an attempt will be made to register legal entities and companies
through Internet. According to the minister, this is important
especially as an anti-corruption strategy. He said that most of the
corruption cases occur when the citizen has direct contact with the
executive body. Reducing or formalizing these contacts will eliminate
corruption in this field totally.