Kazakh Conference Calls For Enhanced Flight Security Measures


Interfax-Kazakhstan news agency
27 May 04

Almaty, 27 May: Participants in the third international scientific
conference “Prospects for developing civil aviation and training
highly-qualified specialists” passed a resolution on Friday (as
received; presumably on Thursday, 27 May), which gives recommendations
to state bodies for flight security to be increased.

The text of the resolution, which was acquired by the
Interfax-Kazakhstan agency, says that the participants in the
conference are going to call on the governments of CIS member states
to take necessary actions to create a legal basis for cooperation in
the field of fighting against international terrorism in air transport.

That is why the CIS governments should ensure that the agreement on
cooperation to protect civil aviation from any illegal interference
(signed on 25 May 1995 in Minsk) be implemented. National budgets
should provide for funds to be allocated to finance events related
to implementing actions to ensure the security of civil aviation,
the resolution says.

Moreover, the authors of the resolution consider it necessary that
during their activities law-enforcement bodies of CIS member states
should take into account “that it is necessary to provide national
flight security services with assistance in dealing with problems of
protecting CIS civil aviation from acts of illegal interference”.

According to the resolution, CIS airmen will address international
and intergovernmental organizations within the CIS which are involved
in cooperation in the field of air transport.

The resolution says that these organizations jointly with
law-enforcement bodies, security services and other government bodies
should regularly deal with issues of comprehensively protecting civil
aviation from terrorist and other extremist attacks.

(Passage omitted: repeat)

The conference was held in Almaty on 24-27 May.

It was attended by experts from the International Civil Aviation
Organization (ICAO), the CIS interstate aviation committee, and the
chiefs of the aviation security services of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus,
Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan
and Kazakhstan.