BAKU: BBC programmes directed against Azerbaijan’s statehood – rulin

BBC programmes directed against Azerbaijan’s statehood – ruling party says

ANS TV, Baku
27 May 04

[Presenter] The [ruling] New Azerbaijan Party [NAP] has published the
results of its monitoring of the BBC Russian Service. The programmes
are directed against Azerbaijani statehood, the party concluded.

[Correspondent over video of a meeting] Representatives of political
parties today discussed the reports of the BBC Russian Service
directed against Azerbaijani statehood and national interests. MP
Mubariz Qurbanli of the NAP said that they have monitored the BBC
Russian Service.

[Qurbanli] The monitoring revealed that the BBC Russian Service is
purposefully airing programmes directed against Azerbaijan’s statehood,
history and national culture. They are directed against Azerbaijan
to create a negative image of Azerbaijan for the listeners.

[Correspondent] Quote, we protest against the BBC and have sent
several letters of protest to the Russian Service’s management. We
want the companies which take part in broadcasting BBC programmes
to express their protest as well. Otherwise, we will turn into the
BBC Russian Service’s mouthpiece of Armenian propaganda. This works
against us in the information war, Qurbanli said.

MP Sayaddin Aliyev voiced the same idea. The Milli Maclis [Azerbaijan’s
parliament] will appeal to the BBC Russian Service’s management,
Aliyev said.

The MPs demanded that the BBC air only accurate and impartial