US supports UN resolutions on NK, Ambassador says


May 26 2004

BAKU, MAY 26, ARMENPRESS: Reno Harnish, the US ambassador to
Azerbaijan, has reiterated today that his government is interested in
a soonest resolution of the Nagorno Karabagh conflict. In a meeting
with students of Baku State University, the ambassador said unresolved
conflicts remain a major problem not only for Azerbaijan but also
for the entire region, warning concurrently that the Armenian-Azeri
confrontation over Karabagh carries elements of resumption of
hostilities. He added, however, that the US government is working
hard to help the conflicting sides to reach a mutually accepted
peace formula.

Reno Harnish spoke also about resolution options, proposed by
international peace brokers, saying Armenia and Azerbaijan were close
to striking the peace deal in Key West talks in the USA, sponsored
by Collin Powel.

The ambassador also shrugged off fears, voiced by Azeri parliament
members that the US companies are preparing to invest in Nagorno
Karabagh. “The US has made no investments in Karabagh and does not
support trade with and investments in Karabagh,” he said and added:
“The US supports all four UN Resolutions on Nagorno Karabagh, which
call on Armenia to pull out its troops from occupied Azeri regions.”