“New Times” Set A Deadline To Authorities


A1 Plus | 18:23:29 | 26-05-2004 | Politics |

“New Times” Party has today held a youth meeting. The ways to save
Armenia from the destructive future were represented.

In fact , the suggestions party has made today were addressed to
Robert Kocharyan. According to Party Chair Aram Karapetyan, he must
conduct reforms in Armenia.

Mr. Karapetyan expresses discontent that while dealing with Authorities
many of pro-governmental political figures pursue the policy “Don’t
touch me or else I will become Opposition”.

According to “New Times” strategy, if Robert Kocharyan doesn’t
accept the Party suggestions, “New Times” members will take
measures. Authorities were set 3 months to accept and apply the

“The actions will start in the morning and end in the evening. We
aren’t a third power, we are in Opposition”, Aram Karapetyan announces.

What will Authorities do?

“New Times” Party demands to dissolve coalition Government and
Parliament, and to hold special elections. There is nothing said in
the suggestions about distrust to President. Party also demands to
prevent corruption, bureaucracy.

“To establish a State Council affiliated with the Armenian President,
in which former and present Presidents, representatives of both
parliamentary and extraparliamentary influential powers and Diaspora
prevailing lobbyist structures must enroll”, another plank says.