Hayrikyan Slams Armenian Authorities


A1 Plus | 18:42:35 | 27-05-2004 | Politics |

On Thursday, Leader of Union for National Self-determination Paruyr
Hayrikyan, speaking at 24th conference criticized Armenia’s current
authorities saying international organizations had repeatedly pointed
their fingers at human rights violations in the republic. Council
of Europe has warned called it could call into question Armenia’s CE
membership, Hayrikyan reminded.

He said the Union-conducted public opinion survey showed widespread
disaffection for president Kocharyan and National Assembly. 72%
of respondents are unhappy about Kocharyan’s presidency and 79%
about the parliament majority.

By the end of the conference the Union adopted a resolution. “Current
illegitimate authorities have nothing in common with Armenia and
Armenian people. We called on European and International community
to make difference between Armenian people struggling against the
illegalities and the authorities while imposing sanctions on the
republic”, the resolution says.