BAKU: Finland keen on dev. of relations with Azerbaijan

Azer Tag, Azerbaijan
May 27 2004

[May 27, 2004, 11:03:35]

On May 26, Minister of foreign affairs of Azerbaijan Republic Elmar
Mammadyarov has met the ambassador of Finland accredited in Helsinki
in Azerbaijan Timo Lahelma.

As informed to AzerTAj from the press center of the Ministry of
foreign affairs, ambassador Timo Lahelma, having informed that for
the first time has visited Baku in 1995, has with satisfaction noted,
that for last years in Azerbaijan radical reforms have been lead
conducted. Having emphasized interest of his country in development
of relations with Azerbaijan in various areas, the ambassador has
expressed hope, that madam Terhi Hakala who since September 2004 will
substitute him on this post, also will continue this line. Having noted
importance of realization by our countries of visits at high level
for steady development of links, the ambassador has expressed sincere
gratitude for the support rendered by our country of Finland within
the framework of the international organizations within these years.

Having stopped then on prospects of connections, ambassador Timo
Lahelma informed the Minister about intention of Finland to open
honorable consulate in our country, sign Memorandum on mutual
understanding of equipment of branches of reanimation in hospitals of
Azerbaijan with new technique and expand connections in the field of
culture. Having touched the further activity, the ambassador informed,
that would continue mission to Lithuania.

Minister for Foreign Affairs Elmar Mammadyarov, highly having estimated
interest of Finland in further steady development of relations,
has noted importance of continuation of joint efforts in the said
area. The head of foreign policy department Elmar Mammadyarov has
noted, that counts realization of activity of constant embassy of
Finland in Azerbaijan necessary for adjustment in the future of links
between our countries on stronger basis. Having touched the connections
between our countries in sphere of culture, the Minister has noted,
that the question of development of links and in the field of science
and education, and also participation of diplomats in the advance
courses of experience has great value.

Having informed the ambassador about integration of our country into
the European institutes, the Minister, showing as an example working
visit of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev to the Kingdom of
Belgium, has noted, that the said visit has brought in the positive
contribution to development of relations of our Republic with the
European Union within the framework of new policy of neighborhood.
Having informed then the ambassador about the work done in the field
of settlement of the Armenia-Azerbaijan, Nagorny Karabakh conflict,
Mr. Elmar Mammadyarov has especially emphasized activity of the
European Union connected to resolution to the conflict.

At the meeting, also discussed were other issues of mutual interest.
From: Baghdasarian