Armenian Experts’ View On Armenia’s Future


A1 Plus | 15:48:39 | 27-05-2004 | Politics |

Only in 10 years Armenian will be reckoned among middle-level
countries, more than a half of 50 experts having participated in My
View on Future survey conducted by Armeian Center for National and
International Studies think.

46% of respondents think Armenia will be weak country, and only 4%
are convinced Armenia will turn into mighty state.

The Center has conducted also another expert-opinion survey on Armenian
foreign policy and its relations with superpowers.

The results of the survey were presented at the seminar-discussion
held in the Center on Thursday.

To the question whether cut in the U.S. humanitarian aid and financial
assistance will have impact on your family 72% respondents said “no”,
6% didn’t know what to say and 22% said “yes”.

Yerkir newspaper’s Editor-in-Chief Spartak Seiranyan reacting to the
question said he found the question irrelevant to the purpose and
wondered how such a question could help to have an idea of Armenian
foreign policy.

50% of respondents attach importance to the idea of improving
Armenian-Turkish relations and opening the border. 40% voiced their
disapproval over the idea and 10% didn’t respond.

It is remarkable that 30% of questioned experts are from state-owned
institutions and 70% from private enterprises.