ARS/Europe Seminar in Bulgaria Concludes its Work


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ARS/Europe Seminar in Bulgaria Concludes its Work

Over the past twelve months, initiated by the ARS Central Executive
Board, regional seminars with the common theme of “Voluntary
Organizations in the 21st Century” were organized to study issues
concerning the Armenian people and the world-wide activities of the
Armenian Relief Society. The last one of these seminars took place in
Plovdiv, Bulgaria, bringing together ARS entities active in Europe;
ARS members and invitees from Greece, France, England and various
Bulgarian cities to take part in the proceedings of this gathering.

The official opening of the Seminar took place Friday morning, May 21,
in the presence of His Eminence Tirayr Martikian, Archbishop of the
Bulgarian and Rumanian Sees, various organizations’ representatives
and honored guests.

After the welcoming remarks of the ARS/Bulgaria Chairperson Mannik
Shamlian and the blessings of the Archbishop, the written greetings
of Ambassador Sevda Sevan of Armenia and the Mayor of Plovdiv were
read, followed by the warm welcome extended by the representative
of the ARF/Dashnaktsutiun in Bulgaria. The proceedings were opened
by ARS Central Executive Board member Helen Merdjanian, who stressed
the necessity of these seminars for the elucidation of the Society’s
actual and planned course of activities.

Without further ado, the two-day Seminar proceeded with its program.
Discussing issues directly concerning the ARS organization in
Europe and, generally, related to Diasporan communities as well as
the Homeland. The Seminar gave the participants the opportunity to
closely study the ways and means of reaching ideal conclusions and
effective solutions to problems and challenges facing our people today.

The Seminar concluded its work Saturday afternoon, on May 22nd.

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ARS Central Office 05/24/04