Protesters Demanding To Release Political Prisoners


A1 Plus | 13:41:04 | 25-05-2004 | Politics |

Protest actions outside Prosecutor General Office in Yerevan has
already become commonplace. Today, plastic bottles appeared near the
symbolic barbed wire stretched before the building in a protest of
Edgar Arakelyan’s arrest.

Edgar Arakelyan, 24, had been taken in custody for defending himself
from the police’s brutal assault by throwing plastic bottles at
them. Edgar is also charged with using foul language and making
insulting remarks toward the authorities.

Chair of New Armenia organization Eleonora Manandyan finds it absurd
to prosecute someone for using a plastic bottle for self-defense. She
and the action’s other participants have already collected 5,500
signatures demanding to release political prisoners.

The protesters intend to continue their action for another ten days.