Ethnic communities in Abkhazia object to Georgian jurisdiction

Ethnic communities in Abkhazia object to Georgian jurisdiction

May 24 2004

Sukhumi. (Interfax) – Ethnic communities in Abkhazia are against plans
to restore Georgian jurisdiction over the self-proclaimed republic.

“The Russian, Armenian, Greek, Estonian, Ukrainian, Polish and German
communities in Abkhazia declare that the Georgian administration’s
hopes to gain support for their expansionist plans are unfounded,” says
a statement from Abkhazia’s ethnic communities circulated on Monday.

“The Georgian authorities, which are planning to ‘peacefully’
restore their jurisdiction over the territory of our republic, claim
that certain forces, including representatives of certain ethnic
communities in Abkhazia, allegedly support the intentions of this
potential aggressor,” the statement says.

“We, the various nationalities in Abkhazia, strongly support the
constitution of the Republic of Abkhazia, which proclaims independent,
sovereign and democratic development of our state,” the statement
says. “The multinational people of Abkhazia, who have had to struggle
for freedom and economic and cultural development, will not allow
anyone to encroach on their homeland, Apsny.”