Kiwanians told of teacher’s plans to join Peace Corps

Kiwanians told of teacher’s plans to join Peace Corps

Shamokin News Item, PA
May 24 2004

SHAMOKIN — At a recent regular meeting of the Kiwanis Club of
Shamokin, Will Bostwick, science instructor at Northwestern Academy,
presented a program to Kiwanians about his positive experiences
working with youth and his goals to understanding youth in Armenia. A
Penn State University earth sciences graduate and business leader,
Bostwick hopes to blend his knowledge with his contacts as a Peace
Corps missionary.

The Peace Corps was established during the Kennedy administration
in 1961 to promote world peace. To date, there have been 170,000
trainees serving 137 countries, with 7,533 current volunteers. There
is an operating budget of $308 million for 2004.

Bostwick expects to spend 30 months in Armenia, which is in the
Caucasus region of the Middle East. His tour will start at Yurevan, the
Armenian capital, which is at the base of Mount Ararat. Although there
is some ethnic diversity in Armenia, it is predominately Christian.

This year, there will be a celebration of 1700 years in their faith,
which predates Rome. One cathedral which has withstood battles and
invasions over time (since the 4th century), Etchmiadzin, literally
means “the only begotten.”

Bostwick, a Trevorton resident, closed his presentation with his
challenge of teaching students in Armenia who traditionally have had
a high literacy rate of 98 percent. Kiwanians look forward to seeing
Bostwick when he returns.