President Of France Jacques Chirac Sends Letter To President OfAzerb


[May 22, 2004, 19:22:25]

President of France Jacques Chirac has send a letter to President of
Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, in which he welcomes the presidential Decree
on Pardon of May 10, and appreciates the Azerbaijan’s policy towards
integration into Europe.

The letter in particular says:

Mr. President, dear friend, on the 10th of May You signed the Decree on
pardoning prisoners named n the Council European’s list. I consider it
my duty to welcome this humane step proving once again Your aspiration
to national unity. Be confident that France will always be alongside
You to help continue this course and build pluralist society.

Mr. Jacques Chirac expressed hope that the initiative strongly
supported by France – inclusion of Azerbaijan and other South Caucasus
countries in the sphere of application of the “European Neighborhood
Policy” – would be concretized in a few weeks.

I know that You attach great importance to integration into the
European Union, and I would like to note with satisfaction that I
was certain of it again during Your recent visit to Brussels.

According to the letter, this integration will foster resolution of
the Nagorno-Karabakh problem as well. Restarting under the auspices
the Minsk Group of the direct dialogues between You and Armenian
President, as well as between the two countries’ Foreign Ministers
is a hopeful factor. This, the French President says, will allow all
of us to use our capabilities for elimination of existing obstacles.

In conclusion President Jacques Chirac expressed to President Ilham
Aliyev assurances of his highest consideration.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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