Magazine: You are what you eat – Kristin Kapelli …

Magazine: You are what you eat – Kristin Kapelli – She doesn’t just sing like
Mama Cass, she diets like her too, writes Melanie Morris

Irish Times
May 22, 2004

How big a foodie are you? ‘It’s my drug of choice. I’m from Denver,
Colorado, where we have four distinct seasons, so we get the best
variety of food – big roasts in winter, ice cream in summer. I love
to eat out and do so most of the time.’

Do you cook? ‘I can, but I’m not great, nor am I particularly
confident. I have about five staples – mostly Mexican food.’

What is your failsafe recipe? ‘Chilli con carne. The trick is to use
Batchelors chilli kidney beans, which come in a good zingy sauce. I
like really hot food, so I add lots of chilli powder and, for that
extra kick, some salsa.’

What’s in your fridge? ‘A cooked chicken, white cheddar, spinach,
carrots, celery and peanut butter (delicious together) and bananas –
they’re great when I’m hungry before a show. They give me energy.’

Do you entertain? ‘Yes, but I order take out, probably from a number
of places for a bit of variety on the night. And then we just hang
out – watch DVDs and talk, and then the singing starts.’

What is your favourite cookery programme? ‘Ready Steady Cook. It
gives you ideas on what to do with that dull chicken breast. And the
recipes are cheap, too – no fancy ingredients.’

Do you have you a sweet tooth? ‘Not really, until it comes to
brownies … the Betty Crocker ones. My friend Alan and I cook them
and polish off a tray at a time.’

What are your favourite restaurants? ‘The Trocadero is my absolute
favourite, especially when I’m really hungry after performing. I’m
always in Gruel, and I like Zaytoon for kebabs.’

What was your last meal? ‘About 10 minutes ago in Gruel. I had curried
cod chowder and a big ham sandwich.’

What’s the best hangover cure? ‘Chinese takeaway.’

Do you diet? ‘Not any more. And anyhow, if I wasn’t the size I am,
I wouldn’t have got this role. So I guess right now I’m on the Mama
Cass diet … without the drugs.’

What American foods do you miss? ‘Oh, how long do you
have? Butterfingers, Malted Milk Balls – your Maltesers don’t do
it for me, Hormel canned chilli con carne, hot tamales and American

What would be your death-row last meal? ‘My mother’s Armenian
meatballs, fried and then baked with layers of tomato sauce and
grated cheese, served with sour cream and chive potatoes and corn
nibblets, followed by a big fudge brownie and ice cream. And because
singers aren’t usually allowed it, some cheese – Stilton with water
biscuits. And five cans of Miller.’

And finally Kristin, if you are what you eat, then you are … ‘Full

Kristin Kapelli stars in The Songs of Mama Cass in The Liberty Theatre,
Dublin from Tuesday, May 24th to Saturday, June 12th. Booking on
01-8721122 or

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