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May 20, 2004 Thursday

>>From the Book of One Thousand Tales – Author’s Short Stories
Chronicle Persecution of Armenian People

MARIPOSA, Calif., May 20, 2004 (PRIMEZONE) — In the early 20th
century, Diana Agabeg Apcar wrote a collection of stories that
revealed atrocities committed against Armenians. From the Book of One
Thousand Tales: Stories of Armenia and Its People 1892 – 1922 (now
available through AuthorHouse) reveals these incredible stories of a
persecuted people and their courage and determination.

Although fictional, the tales are based on real events that happened
during a dark time in world history. The horrors that took place in
the late 19th and early 20th centuries were largely ignored by the
world, permitting the Young Turk government of the Ottoman Empire to
cleanse Asia Minor of millions of Armenians. There is speculation
that this global indifference made way for Hitler’s Holocaust and
Hideki Tojo imposing force on many races in the Pacific.

Apcar never set foot in her beloved homeland of Armenia, but One
Thousand Tales reads as if she trod every inch and scrutinized every
face. The stories came from the mouths of survivors, who spoke with
Apcar after their arduous journey to Japan by way of the
TransSiberian Railway and other primitive modes of transportation.
With eloquence and vivid detail, she captured their joys, pain, and
unwavering faith. The stories describe locations that still exist
today, and a map of Asia Minor at the beginning of the book further
helps readers to place these historic and tragic events.

Born in Rangoon, then British East India, now Yangon, Myanmar, Apcar
lived her later years in Yokohama, Japan where she died in 1937. A
keen businesswoman, she assisted her husband in a prosperous trade in
Japan. She wrote 13 books, numerous pamphlets and papers that were
widely read in her lifetime. She corresponded with many noted
personalities in the academic, political and business world. Apcar
served as Consul to the Republic of Armenia, making her the first
woman to serve in a diplomatic capacity. This position enabled her to
provide assistance to hundreds of refugees fleeing Turkish and
Russian oppression, providing the stories for One Thousand Tales. The
manuscript for this book was discovered among family papers by her
granddaughter, Lucille Apcar, who realized the importance of sharing
these stories with the world.

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