Francophonia week launched in Yerevan


May 21 2004

YEREVAN, MAY 21, ARMENPRESS: The week of Francophonia (May 21-25)
was announced today by “France-Armenia: Cultural Dialogue” conference
at the Yerevan State University (YSU). YSU rector Radik Martirossian
greeted that participants and mentioned that the conference aims to
reinforce Francophonia in Armenia, contribute to the development of
multi-culture civilization and build on a century-long Francophonia
tradition. Attaching importance to the role of French in international
field, Martirossian said teaching of French is on a high level in
Armenia. He expressed his feeling of pride that one of the biggest
experts in Armenology, Antoine Mayer was French.

French Ambassador Henry Cuny greeted the participants and said:
“It is not possible to be a francophone and not to be a humanist.”
The Ambassador informed that Armenia has expressed willingness to
join the International Association of Francophonia as an observer
and its membership will be approved in the pending November session.

Minister of education and science Sego Yeritsian said that development
of French in the country will ensure that Armenian are able to read one
of leading world literature in the original. He said that this week is
marked by boosting cooperation between the two countries. S. Yeritsian
assured that they will continue the policy of developing Francophonia
in the country making such initiations more regular.

The Francophonia week is initiated by National Assembly, Armenia
ministry of education and science, YSU, French University of Armenia,
University after Briusov, Alliance Frances and will be marked by an
extensive range of events.