Chess: Jobava jumps ahead

May 21, 2004, Friday

Jobava jumps ahead

By Malcolm Pein

BAADUR JOBAVA, the Georgian Grandmaster whose fine win from round two
was given in Wednesday’s paper, carried on his winning ways and moved
to 3/3 at the fifth European Individual Championship organised by the
Turkish Chess Federation and the ECU at Antalya.

In round three Jobava overcame the dangerous Armenian GM Artashes
Minasian, a former winner of the New York Open. Jobava, 20, faces
another prodigy David Navara, 19, of the Czech Republic in round
four. These two are the only players on 3/3.

The favourite Vassily Ivanchuk is recovering from a disastrous start
and has won two straight games to reach 2/3. My thanks to Michael
Boyce for writing in and pointing out that Ivanchuk’s conqueror in
the first round Julian Radulski played a couple of similar games in
the recently concluded Bulgarian Championship.

The local boys Lenier Dominguez and Lazaro Bruzon continue to
dominate the Capablanca Memorial at Havana and have 8.5/10 and 8/10
respectively with a game to play. Bruzon is at his brutal best in
this strange game. Black is in desperate trouble after 7 Qb3! because
the follow-up g4-g5 wins the d5 pawn. The black bishop on g6 then
becomes a target for the white pawn advance and its absence proves
fatal as an exchange sacrifice creates a pawn wedge on f7 and total
white squared domination for the first player. The Bf8 never sees the
light of day. If 16Qg3+ 17.Nf2 and every black defensive try is met
by another sacrifice.

L.Bruzon – A.Ramirez

Capablanca Mem Havana (10)

Slav Defence

1 d4 d5 2 c4 c6 3 Nc3 Nf6 4 e3 a6 5 Qc2 Bg4 6 f3 Bh5 7 Qb3! b5 8 cxd5
cxd5 9 g4! Bg6 10 g5 Nfd7 11 h4 h6 12 h5!! hxg5 13 hxg6 Rxh1 14 Qxd5
Qc7 15 gxf7+ Kd8 16 Nh3! Ra7 17 f4 Qc6 18 Nxg5 Qh6 19 Bd2 Qh4+ 20 Ke2
Kc8 21 Nxb5! Rh2+ 22 Kd3 axb5 23 Ne6 Rxd2+ 24 Kxd2 Qf2+ 25 Be2 Nb6 26
Rc1+ Nc4+ 27 Rxc4+! bxc4 28 Qc5+ Kb7 29 Nd8+ Ka8 30 Qd5+ Nc6 31 Qxc6+
Kb8 32 Qb6+ Ka8 33 Nc6 1-0

Ramirez ) p p k p

7 p o b o
f ‘ p p p p p p p
p c n n p p p n p b n d A g p p p p p


Final position after 33.Nc6