Armenia purchases two Il-76 planes at preferential price

Armenia purchases two Il-76 planes at preferential price
By Alexander Konovalov, Tigran Liloyan

ITAR-TASS News Agency
May 20, 2004 Thursday

YEREVAN, May 20 — Armenia has bought two Russian Il-76 military
transport aircraft at Russia’s internal prices, Russian Defence
Minister Sergei Ivanov said after talks with his Armenian opposite
number Serge Sarkisyan.

“Two Il-76 military transport planes landed in Armenia on Thursday.
Armenia had purchased them from Russia at preferential internal
prices within the framework of the Organization of Collective Security
Treaty,” the Russian minister went on to say.

“This system has been in effect for many years and has enabled the
Armenian Defence Ministry to obtain two good military transport
planes,” Ivanov added.

Speaking about Russia’s military cooperation with NATO, Ivanov
specified that Russia participated in joint military exercises with
NATO only if that meets its national interests.

“As far as the participation of the Russian armed forces in joint
exercises with NATO is concerned, we do it only if we can gain some
practical benefit from it,” the Russian defence minister said.

“We have a selective approach to this issue proceeding from our
national, including military interests. If joint exercises with NATO
are of no use to our troops, we openly tell our partners about it,”
Ivanov explained.