Monument to POWs may be erected in Yerevan


May 20 2004

YEREVAN, MAY 20, ARMENPRESS: A monument, dedicated to POWs from nations
that allied with the fascist Germany during World War II and who were
brought to Armenia to work here after the war, may soon be erected
in Yerevan.

The monument that may be set up at the end of central Abovyan street,
has been initiated by Alexan Avanesian, who is the chairman of the
Union of Armenians in Hungary. He told Armenpress that the idea was
supported by Hungary’s defense and foreign affairs ministries and
Hay Azg (Armenian Nation) Union, which promised to provide funds to
that end.

Avanesian said a monument to Armenian soldiers killed in the liberation
of Hungary from fascism was built in 2000 in Budapest. “I think that
Armenians whose beloved are buried in Hungary will come and put flowers
at this monument, as they cannot afford traveling to Hungary often,”
he said, adding that around 500 Hungarian POWs were brought to Armenia
after WW II, who worked in Armenian Spitak and Sevan.

If nothing prevents the idea from materialization the monument may
be erected in several months.