Boxing: Abelyan lets rip at Scott


The Express
May 20, 2004

ARMENIAN William Abelyan went on the attack yesterday when he launched
a fresh verbal assault on WBO featherweight champion Scott Harrison.

Abelyan is fired up after reading that Harrison plans to give him a
“hammering” when he bids to dethrone the title holder at Braehead
Arena on June 19.

Abelyan, who also had plenty to say prior to the enforced postponement
of the pair’s planned showdown in March, claims Harrison is all mouth
and is running scared.

“Harrison’s got a big mouth and I am going to shut it for him, ” vowed
Abelyan. “The boxing ring is my house and Harrison is not welcome.

“I’ve read what he’s been saying and he’s talking a lot of garbage.
He’s scared and that’s why he’s talking big. But we’ll see if he’s
talking just as big when he’s face-to-face with me.”

Fight bosses are praying it’s third time lucky after 26-year-old
Harrison also suffered a training injury, forcing promoters Sports
Network to scrap a second date on May 29.

But Abelyan insists he’s not fazed by the delay, adding that he
intends returning to his homeland for the first time in 16 years as
world champion.

“The reason I have not been back since moving to California at the
age of nine is because I wanted to achieve something special first,
” said Abelyan.

“I want the world title more than money and I will return to Armenia
as a hero and as the first champion to come out of the country.

“I’m ready to fight Harrison right now. If my handlers told me that
we were going to Scotland tomorrow I would jump straight onto the
plane because I have never been more up for a fight than this one.”

But Harrison, who has been receiving treatment for a damaged bicep
in his left arm sustained while doing pull-ups, has warned Abelyan
he is facing ring heartbreak.

“Abelyan is standing in my way and he will be removed, ” he said.

“The fact that he is mouthing off yet again tells me that he isn’t
very confident. He’s trying to talk himself up by sounding good.”

Meanwhile, Scottish amateur boxing has lost one of its staunchest
supporters following the death of David Jackson.

A former Scottish champion, David, who was in his early 70s, was both
a trainer and promoter and ran a number of shows at the Kelvin Hall.

He was also a highly respected European referee.

His funeral will be held at St Bridget’s Church, Baillieston at
9.30am tomorrow.