Turkish, Armenian Speakers discuss mutual expectations

Turkish, Armenian Speakers discuss mutual expectations

Anatolia news agency, Ankara
19 May 04

Strasbourg, 19 May: Turkish Grand National Assembly parliament Speaker
Bulent Arinc met Armenia’s parliament Speaker Artur Bagdasaryan for
bilateral talks during the Council of Europe parliament Speaker’s

During the meeting, which lasted around 45 minutes, Armenia’s
parliament Speaker reportedly raised the issue once more of Yerevan’s
wish to establish diplomatic relations with Ankara.

According to information gathered by the AA [Anatolia] correspondent
from diplomatic sources Arinc voiced what expectations Turkey had of
Armenia before diplomatic relations could be formed.

Voicing the ill will felt at the genocide claims and the land claims
in the Armenian Constitution, Arinc recalled that not just Ankara
but international institutions starting with the UN were expecting
positive steps to be made in connection with the Nagornyy Karabakh
problem. Arinc gave the message that should Turkey’s sensitivities
be taken into account and Armenia took positive steps to settle the
Karabakh problem then Ankara would meet them with pleasure and would
give Yerevan the necessary response.

Recalling that Turkey was the first country to recognize Armenia
and also the first country to extend aid to the people of Armenia,
Arinc said that in response to any positive steps Yerevan might take,
Ankara would give the request for opening diplomatic relations the
consideration it deserved.

Arinc is also going to meet with Turkish judges working at the European
Court of Human Rights today as part of his itinerary in Strasbourg.

The conference of Council of Europe member countries parliament
speakers lasted two days, and ended this morning with a session called:
“Cooperation for More Democracy: National Parliaments and European

Parliament Speaker Bulent Arinc will return to Turkey tomorrow.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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