No word from ‘mercenaries’ in EGuinea

No word from ‘mercenaries’ in EGuinea
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‘Mercenaries’ will take SA government to court

Sunday Times, South Africa
May 19 2004

The attorney for eight South Africans held in Equatorial Guinea for
allegedly preparing a coup has still not had telephonic contact with
his clients, he said.

Attorney Bernard van der Hoven said he had met the attorney general
of Equatorial Guinea, Jose Olo Obono, in Pretoria on Tuesday.

Although he was promised telephonic contact with the men, who had
been detained for over two months, Van der Hoven did not know when
this would be allowed.

“That’s the major concern,” he said.

He had also not been granted a visa to visit the West African state.
“We’ve been trying for eight weeks, but nothing,” he said.

Van der Hoven had also asked the Presidency to place the men under
diplomatic protection. “We haven’t received their decision yet,”
he said.

Obono was reportedly in South Africa as part of an investigation
team from Equatorial Guinea. The team planned to leave South Africa
on Wednesday evening, Van der Hoven said.

The detainees are among a group of 15 men accused of planning to
overthrow Equatorial Guinea’s leader Teodoro Obiang Nguema.

They include Angolans, Armenians and South Africans, some of Angolan

There is also a German, who subsequently died after “an attack of
cerebral malaria”, according to the authorities, French news agency
AFP reported.